Cosmetic Surgicentre of Sydney

Cosmetic Surgicentre of Sydney
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St George Private Hospital Medical Complex 7c/1 South St

Cosmetic Surgicentre of Sydney

Led by Dr Longin Zurek and Dr Ryan Wells, Cosmetic Surgicentre of Sydney has specialised in a range of minimally invasive face and body cosmetic surgery since 1994.

A pioneer in the field of cosmetic surgery, Dr Longin Zurek has played an important role in developing and teaching enhanced techniques to many common procedures, including otoplasty. He developed an innovative technique called No Incision Ear Correction with which the great majority of prominent ears can be corrected.

Dr Ryan Wells works alongside Dr Zurek and has a specialised interest in minimally invasive techniques and procedures, including the non-incisional otoplasty procedure.

“The ultimate goal in medicine is to ‘do no harm’, or at least attempt to minimise harm – this is the basis to the Non-Incisional Otoplasty technique,” says Dr Wells. “This is a procedure where the patient’s desired outcome is almost guaranteed.”

Cosmetic Surgicentre of Sydney offers a range of cosmetic procedures including:

– Fat grafting
– The S-Lift procedure
– The Z-Lift procedure
– Face lift without incision
– Cosmetic eyelid surgery
– No incision ear correction
– Lip lift
– Asian face surgery
– Temporal brow lift
– True tumescent liposculpture
– Mini abdominoplasty (Fleur De Lys)
– Breast surgery
– Labiaplasty
– Injectable wrinkle treatment
– Chemical peeling and dermabrasion
– Skin cancer surgery
– Brachioplasty