The anti-ageing benefits of meditation

Vedic Meditation teacher A.L. Braun explains how the ‘vedic’ technique produces a state of deep rest, for both the mind and body, to slow the ageing process.

An extensive variety of cutting edge beauty products and procedures are available today to make us look younger, and slow down or reverse visible signs of ageing. These products and procedures generally approach ageing from the outside-in, targeting external layers like skin appearance and texture. Many people see these as helpful, but are looking for something more.

There is a way of slowing down – and even reversing – the overall ageing process naturally, from the inside-out. It’s a holistic approach that provides general and noticeable benefits – from skin elasticity and appearance, to physical and mental health and performance. It’s not new; it’s not cutting edge; in fact it’s quite ancient. The way to do this is through the regular practice of a meditation technique that produces a state of very deep rest for the mind and body.

Why is ‘deep rest’ so important?

Doctors everywhere will tell you, and clinical studies confirm, that 80 per cent of disease is caused by stress, and that stress absorption in the body is a major factor in ageing. Mental stress directly affects the immune system and all internal organs. This in turn affects our overall functioning and our appearance – our skin, our body.

The remedy for the toxic effect of stress in the body and mind is stress-release, which occurs when the mind and body are in a deep state of rest. The rest you gain after a night’s sleep is not enough, especially in these stressful times. A systematic approach to providing deep rest for the mind and body is needed to cause profound changes, and to slow down or reverse ageing effects.

How meditation assists ‘deep rest’

Now, you’ve probably heard of many different types of meditation. Some focus on maintaining specific types of mental activity or conscious awareness; but others involve going beyond, or transcending, thought and mental activity, in order to achieve a state of deep rest. This state of deep rest is directly experienced and observable during meditation, through significantly reduced heart-rate, breathing and mental activity, and an acute calmness or ‘bliss’. The levels of rest attained through such transcending techniques cause the body to naturally release layers of stress that have been wreaking havoc on our physiological systems over time.

During meditation, the body experiences an accelerated and accentuated stress-release, which with regular practice, leads to improvements in overall health, well-being, and a reduction of visible and internal symptoms of ageing. The many and diverse benefits reported – all markers for longevity – include everything from enhanced cognitive ability, reaction times and athletic performance, to improved cardiovascular health, stabilisation of blood pressure, to higher energy levels and improved mood and outlook. All these illustrate the general anti-ageing effect.

So, to put it simply – what is happening in the mind is happening in the body. If the mind is experiencing deep levels of rest and deep contentedness regularly, that directly influences the functioning of our mental and physical health and therefore appearance, for the better. A daily meditation practice also will delicately imprint calmness or bliss into the mind and body, so that we are not as negatively affected by stress when we encounter it.

Meditation can indeed slow the ageing process and make you look younger. And with the added benefits of reduced stress and greater inner contentedness, you will feel so happy that this will be the most important thing people will notice. Meditation is easy yet profound. Start your meditation practice now. It will change your life.

A.L. Braun is a Vedic Meditation teacher based in Sydney. Vedic Meditation is an easy, effortless and natural technique that provides deep rest. It is one of the most effective antidotes to the stress and tension so prevalent in our lives today – and is easy to learn.

A.L. Braun runs classes regularly in Sydney’s Darling Point, Mosman and elsewhere upon request. She also teaches in the US and is a certified Health Coach. You can contact her at, via her website or on FB at Angela Lyos Braun.