The simple trick to weight loss we’re all guilty of forgetting

With 2018 fast approaching, many of us will soon be setting some New Year’s resolutions regarding our weight.  

But if you’ve tried traditional diets with little or no success, you might be interested in learning about a new approach based on the science of positive psychology.

Professor Timothy Sharp of The Happiness Institute believes that positivity and happiness can help us lose weight. Whereas most diets suggest that if you lose weight you’ll be happy, The Happiness Diet proposes that if you get happy first the weight loss will follow.

In essence, The Happiness Diet is about prioritising positivity and in doing so creating the motivation and energy to do what you need to do to achieve your goals.

So how do you get happier for a brighter, slimmer, less stressed life? Here are some tips to harness the power of positivity for inspiration and change:

  1. Imagine a positive vision of the future – one in which you’re living a great, fulfilling, active and flourishing life.
  2. Imagine you at your best living this great life.
  3. Start living this life now by planning positive and inspiring activities today.
  4. Also plan activities that require a degree of effort and mastery.
  5. Be mindful about what you say to yourself – try to develop a more optimistic thinking style.
  6. Build confidence by trying new activities.
  7. Focus more on strengths and stop trying to fix weaknesses.
  8. Find ways to think positively about healthy eating and activity.
  9. Build positive and supportive relationships by enlisting the support of family and friends.
  10. Increase positivity by practising appreciation and gratitude.