Ultraformer III FAQs

Ultraformer III is the latest skin-tightening treatment that has earned itself a large following for its non-surgical approach to defy the signs of ageing.

Ultraformer is a treatment to rejuvenate your appearance and get rid of sagging skin, drooping eyelids and a sun-damaged complexion – without surgery or downtime.

We have a chat to Dr Danae Lim from HD Cosmetic Clinic about what you can expect from this innovative treatment.

1. How does Ultraformer III work?

Ultraformer III is based on high intensity focused ultrasound, which is a way of heating tissues under the skin at specific depths. At a depth of 4.5mm, the SMAS layer is targeted, resulting in contraction and tightening – this is the same layer that is repositioned in a surgical facelift.

At more superficial levels (1.5-3.0mm), this also has the added advantage of improving skin texture due to the re-organisation of collagen fibres, as well as stimulating general repair mechanisms. The key is controlled damage for activated rejuvenation.

2. Am I a good candidate?

If you have some visible sag, but do not have a thick layer of fat or excessive loose skin in the target area, this treatment will most likely work for you.

3. Can it be used on all skin types?

Yes. As long as it is used according to protocol, high intensity focused ultrasound is a colour-blind treatment suitable for all skin types and colours.

4. What areas can be treated?

Most commonly the lower face and neck are treated, but the Ultraformer III can also treat the area around the eye very effectively. There are also larger handpieces used for body sculpting and skin tightening in areas such as the arms, flanks, abdomen, thighs and knees. Stretch marks can also be significantly reduced.

5. How long are treatments?

Most treatments last between 45 minutes to an hour.

6. Is there any discomfort during treatment?

Treatments are well tolerated in terms of pain.

7. After how many treatments can optimal results be seen?

Most individuals will start noticing an immediate lift from a temporary contraction of the collagen fibres. Actual results start being noticeable from one month onwards, with some people requiring a top-up treatment at three months. Results can continue to build from six to nine months before it peaks.

8. Is there any downtime?

In general there is only mild tenderness, redness and very mild swelling if any, so effectively there is no downtime.