Top 5 procedures that can make you look younger

Get younger-looking, rejuvenated skin with these top five non-invasive anti-ageing skincare procedures.

1. Fillers

Fillers can be used to add volume, fill deep folds and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Fillers can also be used to create fuller lips and pad out hollow cheeks and temples. There are a number of different fillers on the market, and each vary in longevity, composition and viscosity. Generally lasting around four to 12 months, dermal fillers can be used in conjunction with Botulinum toxin injections for a cumulative result.

Best for: Filling in wrinkles, scars and lost volume, cheek and lip augmentation

2. Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections use Botulinum toxin to temporarily paralyse muscles and thereby prevent dynamic wrinkles forming. Dynamic wrinkles are caused by facial movement, for example frowning, and occur when your skin’s collagen fibres break on account of regular skin creasing.

Botulinum toxin is typically used in the upper face, crow’s feet, frown lines and horizontal forehead lines but can also be used to treat excessive sweating in the underarms, hands and feet.

Best for: Preventing lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, correcting slight brow droop

3. Skin needling

A form of collagen induction therapy, skin needling uses microneedles to penetrate the skin and cause mild injury to the dermis. This triggers the body’s natural healing response and promotes the production of new collagen, naturally rejuvenating the skin from within.

Best for: Overall skin rejuvenation, acne and other scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture and tone

4. Hydradermabrasion

If you’re serious about starting the ant-ageing process earlier rather than later, hydradermabrasion is a godsend. HydraFacial is the most well-known type. This gentle in-clinic treatment is a step up from your standard facial and microdermabrasion. It’s the next-gen in facials.

What makes this super-charged treatment stand out is its special combination of exfoliation, acid peel, extractions and antioxidant infusions (including today’s holy grail, hyaluronic acid), to thoroughly cleanse, nourish and brighten the complexion. After just one treatment, your skin will feel amazingly clean, smooth and hydrated, with a refined texture and smoother, clearer complexion.

Best for: All skin types, skin refresher, acne, dehydrated skin, refiner and skin smoother, introduction to anti-ageing.

5. Laser

Laser therapies work by targeting tissue and can be used for a number of treatments, including pigmentation, scarring, unwanted hair, spider veins, sun-damaged skin, and wrinkle reduction.

Advances in laser technology mean that laser skin resurfacing, once reserved for the treatment of severe conditions such as acne scarring due to the extensive downtime involved, has become an effective option for many people seeking reduction of lines and wrinkles and correction of pigmentation.

Most resurfacing lasers work by removing microscopic quantities and stimulating the production of new collagen in the skin. The advent of fractionated laser technology, where microscopic columns of skin are treated while surrounding skin is left intact, has made it possible to achieve better results with fewer side effects. Fractionated technology has been applied to the CO2 laser, dramatically reducing the recovery time. Results and downtime for all laser treatments vary depending on the depth and strength of treatment.

Best for: Overall skin rejuvenation, scarring, lines and wrinkles, anti-ageing, pigmentation