Ultraformer III: the non-surgical facelift


Sun damage and the inevitable process of ageing can result in loose, wrinkled and sagging skin, making you look older than you actually are.

If you are struggling with the effects of ageing on the face and neck, Ultraformer III may be the answer.

The perfect treatment for a quick, effective and non-invasive solution to ageing skin, Ultraformer III requires no surgery, no downtime and minimal discomfort.

From acne scarring, large pores and wrinkles – particularly on the forehead and around the eyes – to deep wrinkles on the cheeks or neck, Ultraformer can be used for a range of concerns to tighten and re-contour the face.

Dr Chee Zhen Lim and her team at HD Cosmetic Clinic offer Ultraformer III in their clinic and describe it as an effective treatment to lift and tighten skin.

“When used as a preventative treatment, Ultraformer III slows down the loss of collagen in the skin and can potentially negate the need for a surgical facelift,” says Dr Lim.

How does it work?

Distributed by Cryomed, Ultraformer III uses a form of energy called Micro and Macro-Focused Ultrasound energy (MMFU) to heat tissues and lift and tighten skin on your face and body.

At certain depths the collagen is heated and the surrounding tissues are activated to produce new collagen. At more superficial levels there is the added advantage of brightening and improving skin texture due to a process where the re-organisation of collagen fibres occur.

What happens during the treatment?

During the treatment, a handpiece is placed on the treatment area and delivers MMFU energy. The handpiece typically remains on the area for between 45 minutes to an hour.

Most patients find the treatment very tolerable and there is minimal downtime involved (if any). The treatment is a perfect ‘lunch time’ procedure, as you can return to work or usual activities straightaway.

In clinical trials, patients have reported a high degree of satisfaction in lower face and neck tightening without being too uncomfortable or experiencing prolonged discomfort post treatment.

What are the results?

Results can occur immediately and will gradually improve up to 90 days post treatment, “Most individuals will start noticing an immediate lift from a temporary contraction of the collagen fibres, which resolves in a few days as they stretch out again after being heated,” explains Dr Lim.

These results can be maintained for several months to a year afterwards, “Actual results start being noticeable from 1 month onwards, with some people requiring a top up treatment at 3 months to complete the loading dose. Results can continue to build for 6-9 months before it peaks.”

Potential Ultraformer patients will have some visible sag, but will not have a thick layer of fat or excessive loose skin in the target area. When used on the right patient, Ultraformer III can provide significant skin tightening and refinement.

Ultraformer III can help improve the appearance of many different areas, “Most commonly the lower face and neck are treated, but the Ultraformer III can also be used for body sculpting and skin tightening in areas such as the flanks, abdomen, thighs and knees. Stretch marks can also be significantly reduced.”

Until now, significant results have only been treatable using more invasive treatments. Finally there is a quick, effective and reliable treatment that provides the lifting and tightening result, without the downtime.

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