Say goodbye to sun damage and hello to smooth skin


Australian skin is the most notorious for sun damage and over time all of that sun exposure can make our skin look older than it actually is.

Over exposure to the sun (specifically UV light) results in changes to the skin, causing redness, discolouration, red vessels, thinning, sagging, wrinkles, pigmentation or sun spots and more worryingly, skin cancers.

Pigmentation is one of the most common manifestations of sun damage, referring to changes in the melanin (pigment) of your skin. It affects as many as 70% of us, with one of the main causes being exposure to UV light.

How to get rid of sun damage

We chat with cosmetic physician Dr Anthony Yap from True Skin Cosmetic and Laser Clinic in Sydney CBD, about the best way to treat sun damage or pigmented skin.

“Hyperpigmentation can be due to over exposure to the sun, genetic factors, hormonal changes or the result of trauma to the skin, for example surgery or post ablative treatment,” Dr Yap explains.

The effects of sun damage including pigmentation, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, are commonly difficult conditions to treat. However with the advancement in technologies, including IPL and laser, you can now achieve smooth, blemish-free skin with minimal or no downtime.

Laser Genesis and LimeLight are treatments of choice for Dr Yap in treating sun damaged skin. They target pigmentation, melasma and spider veins, as well as providing an overall skin rejuvenation.

“Laser Genesis is a non-invasive, non-ablative laser which effectively treats fine lines, uneven skin texture, diffuses redness and scars. It’s great for all skin types and best of all, there is no downtime. LimeLight is a non-invasive light treatment and can be customised for different skin tones and ageing skin conditions. There’s minimal discomfort and no downtime.”

Dr Yap explains that combining technologies – one to target facial veins, redness and pigmentation and one to treat fine lines and wrinkles – offers superior results. “With rosacea, a combination of the two devices together with vascular laser is sometimes required and it achieves excellent results. Treatment is usually spaced at monthly intervals,” he says.

The highly professional and skilled experts at True Skin tailor each treatment to the individual depending on skin type, skin concern and the size of the treatment area. The clinic provides a truly personalised and friendly approach to skin care, whilst delivering exceptional results.

How long does treatment take?

The treatment time varies depending on the area, explains Dr Yap. “A face treatment will usually take about 30 minutes, whilst face, neck and chest treatments will take about an hour,” he says. “If you’re combining Laser Genesis and LimeLight on the face alone, it generally takes an hour. Six treatments are normally required to start, with maintenance treatments around every 2-3 months.”

“The face, neck and chest areas can be treated on the same day, however the neck and chest are usually more sensitive and typically take longer to recover. Arms, hands and legs can be treated too,” says Dr Yap.

Dr Yap explains that results can be life changing and many of his patients have finished their treatment with a new boost in self-esteem, “It really is a game-changer for patients who have struggled their whole life with skin concerns such as pigmentation and rosacea. Especially those who have telangiectasia and redness, and at the same time it improves the overall elasticity of the skin.”

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