Permanent hair removal for blondes!

Finally, hair removal for blondes

By now we’ve pretty much all heard of the beauty benefits of permanent hair reduction. But there’s always been a catch – you need dark hair to absorb the light energy. Oh, and you also need to be fair skinned to achieve the best results. Until now.

Innovative IPL technology by EFB Beauté has finally made it possible for blonde, red, grey and white hair (the notoriously hard ones to remove) to be treated for long-term hair removal. It’s also suitable for all skin types, making it the only hair reduction solution for all hair colours and all skin colours.

The Adéna and Anthélia IPL systems by EFB Beauté are the only machines on the market for permanent hair removal for blondes and white hair, and a worldwide patent was registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2005 and published in 2007.

How does it work?

Designed and manufactured in France, the EFB Beauté IPL systems use unique technology developed specifically for blonde, white, red and grey hair removal. The IPL systems are unique in that they do not rely only on the hair pigment to absorb the light energy, meaning it can effectively target those hair shades not so rich in melanin.

During traditional dark hair photoepilation procedures, an applicator head that emits high intensity flashes of filtered light is placed on the treatment area. The energy from this light is absorbed by the chromophore melanin, which is responsible for hair pigment or colour. Dark hair, which is rich in melanin, readily absorbs this light and transfers it as heat into the surrounding capillaries, which supply blood to the papilla of growing hairs. When the papillae are destroyed in high temperatures, additional hair growth is prohibited.

What makes the EFB Beauté systems different is that the Adéna and Anthélia machines target the blood vessels at the bottom of the follicle directly, preventing the growth of blonde, grey, white and red hairs.

An independent clinical trial by DERMSCAN, an authorised clinical testing centre by the French Ministry of Health, found that after one session of photodepilation using Adéna an average decrease of 41 percent of white or blonde hair was observed.

About the technology

After 10 years of research, in 2011 the Adéna IPL system entered the market with its exclusive world-first technology for removal of fair hair, as well as for darker skin types.
EFB Beauté has now become synonymous around the world with blonde, red and white hair removal, offering a much-needed solution to treating these traditionally difficult to remove hair colours. It can also safely and effectively treat darker complexions without risk of burning or hypopigmentation.

For practitioners, other EFB Beauté innovative benefits include the stability of delivered energy during treatment and a new absorption filter that won’t wear out during its lifetime.

For fair-haired or dark-skinned people wishing to remove unwanted body hair or treat a variety of skin concerns, EFB Beauté offers a giant leap forward in IPL technology.