Get your summer body sorted with CLATUU

If you have an area of fat that won’t budge, or if you are simply looking to achieve a more svelte contour for summer, you may want to consider CLATUU.

CLATUU is a non-surgical body sculpting technology that can effectively reduce stubborn fat in a variety of body areas, including the abdomen, back, bra bulge, flanks, hips, love handles, and thighs.

Without needles, surgery or downtime, CLATUU allows the permanent removal of unwanted fat.

“With CLATUU our team is able to provide non-surgical fat reduction to help patients achieve a more toned body contour,” says Dr Steve Merten from Pure Aesthetics.


CLATUU is a customisable treatment that uses controlled cooling known as cryolypolysis to ‘freeze’ and permanently destroy fat from stubborn areas such as the abdomen and thighs.

It works by gently drawing fatty areas into the applicators and cooling the area to a temperature that causes fat cells to die, without affecting the other surrounding tissue. The fat cells are then eliminated by the body’s natural processes, leaving a smoother, sleeker body contour in the treatment area.

“Fat cells respond to temperature differently than other cells of the body, allowing them to be destroyed by concentrated cooling that does not affect the rest of the body’s tissue,” says Dr Merten.

What does the procedure involve?

A CLATUU treatment typically takes 60 minutes, however the duration will ultimately depend upon the size and number of areas being treated.

“You may notice a slight pulling or pinching sensation as well as coldness for the first 5-10 minutes of the procedure,” says Dr Merten.

Most patients find the treatment very tolerable and though discomfort is typically minimal, any uncomfortable sensation you experience should gradually fade as the area begins to numb.

“When the treatment is finished, the handpieces will be removed, and the target area will be massaged,” says Dr Merten.

There is typically minimal downtime and you can return to work or usual activities straightaway.

Interested in a treatment?

Good candidates for CLATUU treatments have a small bulge of fat that remains despite diet and exercise.

“The best candidates for CLATUU are those in generally good shape who have trouble areas they want to treat,” says Dr Merten.

“For the right candidate, this treatment offers an effective and non-invasive alternative to bigger procedures.”


Results appear gradually over the following weeks and months after treatment, as the body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat. Typically results are seen at 3 months, with further improvement at 6 months.

“The number of treatments will vary from patient to patient and from area to area. Usually 2-3 treatments will be required, but this will mostly be determined over time,” says Dr Merten.

Because CLATUU kills fat cells, the targeted cells are gone forever. If you gain weight, these cells will expand, but you’ll see less fat in the treated area. Given that you maintain your proper weight by eating right and exercising, results are permanent.

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