Ditch stubborn fat for great curves with enCurve


Are you struggling with areas of stubborn fat that just won’t budge? Whether it’s pesky belly fat or the dreaded love handles, there’s a fast, simple solution that could be right for you. It’s called enCurve.

enCurve is the easy, comfortable way to reduce fat with minimal downtime, minimal discomfort and permanent results.

How does enCurve get rid of fat?

Using non-contact radiofrequency (RF) technology, enCurve works by delivering a penetrating heat to selectively target and kill fat cells (adipocytes), reducing abdominal, leg and arm circumference gently and effectively.

enCurve removes the fat cells through a process called natural apoptosis. This means instead of creating instant damage, enCurve gently eliminates cells through delayed apoptosis. So, basically it’s a like a gentle fat cell death. These dead cells are then removed by the body through the lymphatic system and excreted naturally from the body via the liver and kidneys.

The breakthrough fat reduction device also features a unique system called Personalized Impedance Synchronization Application (PISA), whereby every treatment is completely personalised in order to deliver the best clinical outcome.

So, what’s involved?

Unlike other non-invasive fat reduction devices, enCurve is never in direct contact with the skin, so no heat it transferred directly to the epidermis.

The treatment is generally quite quick and lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. The applicator is positioned over your abdomen and flanks at the same time, and you will feel gentle warmth as it begins to heat your epidermis and dermis.

enCurve’s ability to target two areas at once, makes it an easy and comfortable treatment. Not only can it be used on the abdomen and flanks but it can also simultaneously target stubborn fat on the upper arms, thighs and the bottom.

In addition to the applicator head, there is the Air Mode, which blows cold air over the skin, providing maximum comfort.

After the treatment you may experience a little redness, however this will disappear within 12-24 hours.


The percentage of fat cells reduced depends on the amount of fat cells originally present. In terms of circumferential reduction, it ranges from 2cm to 18cm, with the average being 5cm.

Four to six treatments are recommended once a week for best results, however you’ll begin to see results after the second session.

People with a lower BMI and small pockets of stubborn fat will still see a reduction after treatment with enCurve, however the most dramatic results and greatest circumference loss will be seen in patients with a higher BMI.

Where to get it

Interested in a treatment? For more information call 1800 242 011 or visit www.advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au.