Beat those stubborn pockets of fat with CLATUU

You don’t need to undergo invasive surgery and lengthy downtime to get the figure you’ve always dreamt of having. Advances in non-surgical body contouring have bridged this gap, allowing quick ‘no-fuss’ body sculpting treatments for people with pockets of unwanted fat.

Non-surgical procedures can achieve noticeable results with no recovery period. The best candidates are usually those with small to medium localised fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise, rather than those seeking large-volume fat removal.

Whether it is that annoying ‘bra bulge’, ‘bingo wings’, or the dreaded ‘muffin top’, non-invasive treatments such as CLATUU can provide a great alternative to surgery, especially when results from diet and exercise have plateaued.

What is CLATUU and what does it do?

Dr Ritu Gupta and Dr Jacqueline Matulich, specialist dermatologists and principals of Platinum Dermatology, offer CLATUU body shaping treatment in their clinic.

“CLATUU is a new non-surgical body contouring technology that literally freezes and eliminates fat from stubborn areas such as the abdomen and thighs, providing long-lasting results,” says Dr Matulich.

“It is a quick and effective solution to fat that won’t budge – without the surgery or downtime,” she says.

How does CLATUU work?

CLATUU uses a form of energy called cryolipolysis to kill unwanted fat. Cryolipolysis kills the fat by freezing and destroying the cells, which are later naturally eliminated by the body over the next couple of months following treatment.

“It can treat just about any area of pinchable fat. Here at Platinum Dermatology the most popular areas for a CLATUU treatment include the arms, love handles, tummy and buttocks,” says Dr Gupta.

What should you expect?

Non-surgical body contouring does not require any anaesthesia or sedation and is performed in an in-office setting. There is normally no downtime, minimal patient discomfort and complications are rare. In conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime, results should be long lasting.

Treatment takes around an hour and most patients find it very tolerable with minimal discomfort.

“During a CLATUU treatment we place a gel drape over the treatment area to protect your skin before the applicator is placed onto the fat pocket, where it remains for about 60 minutes,” says Dr Gupta.

The applicator acts like a vacuum, sucking the treatment area into position and directing the cold temperature to target the fat cells under the skin.

“Most of our patients describe the sensation as a gradual cooling feeling. There is no downtime and our patients can return to daily activities immediately,” says Dr Matulich.

Results generally occur in the weeks and months following the treatment, when your body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat through the lymphatic system.

You should be able to see results after just one treatment, however usually a couple of sessions will deliver the best fat-busting results and have you feeling in shape for summer.

“If you’re interested in having a CLATUU treatment, you should have at least an inch of pinchable fat and be at, or near, your ideal body weight,” says Dr Gupta.

If you have any questions regarding the treatment, or are looking to book an appointment, contact the dermatology trained staff at Platinum Dermatology for a complimentary consultation on (02) 8014 6500.