How to ditch your double chin for good

While many may associate a double chin with being overweight, in reality it can occur in men and women of any body type, with ageing and genetics being main causes.

Often, dieting or exercise will have little impact. A recent study, surveying more than 3,500 Australians aged 20-60, found that having a double chin causes more concern than any other problem area for Australians of both sexes. What’s more, 57% of those with a double chin have been thinking about treatment.

A double chin can have a negative impact on a person’s day-to-day life. For Sydney-based makeup artist Nicola Beverley, it was an area that had always troubled her, affecting her confidence and even her career.

“I’ve always had quite a full face, but when I was around 28 years old it really started bothering me,” she says. “I think for many women like me who are a size 8-10, having a double chin is so frustrating because even if my weight didn’t fluctuate at all, I still had a fuller face. I hated my side profile and as a makeup artist, I was particularly self-conscious about my chin. I even went to my doctor to test my thyroid function, but everything came back normal.”

“I was originally referred to Dr Steven Liew [a well-known Sydney plastic surgeon] because I had experienced a poor result with under-eye filler from another doctor. When I mentioned that I had always been self-conscious about the fullness under my chin, he told me about this new, non-surgical treatment with very little downtime and permanent results. I guess I was just in the right place at the right time!”

Belkyra is an injectable treatment that works to break down submental (under the chin) fat cells to improve the appearance of a double chin and create a more defined jaw line. Once broken down, the targeted cells can no longer store or accumulate fat. As a prescription-only treatment, Belkyra should only be administered by a registered healthcare professional who has taken part in the official Belkyra training program.

“I like the fact that you aren’t put under the knife and there’s not a long recovery involved. I work for myself so I don’t have time to be off work. Once Dr Liew had explained what the treatment involved, it was an easy decision for me,” says Nicola. “Treatment involved a series of injections, which felt slightly uncomfortable (almost like a burning sensation) for about 20 minutes. The rest of the day and the following day when I went back to work, the area was particularly swollen. After around two weeks the swelling had subsided. Every morning I would notice a very slight difference in the appearance of my neck – it was gradually tightening.”

“I’m very satisfied with the whole process and I have had very positive results. I had my hair cut short after the treatment for the first time in years! I also now feel quite happy to see myself in photos, without being worried about the look of my chin.”

“It really is priceless to be happier in your own skin – it’s a great feeling. The best thing is that the changes you experience are so subtle and gradual, people won’t be able to put their finger on what’s different unless you decide to tell them,” Nicola concludes.