Spotlight on Cooltech

No needles. No incisions. No scars. We take a look at the new way to bust fat, fast.

There’s a new kid on the fat blasting block called Cooltech. He’s quick, effective and he loves stubborn fat. Heard of him?

Everyone has that *thing*. That one teeny thing about their body they wish was smaller, flatter, tighter or just a little different. Cooltech could be the answer. Owned by a company called Cryomed, Cooltech offers a non-surgical solution to fix those bits that just won’t budge.

More than one million Cooltech treatments in more than 40 countries have been performed. There’s also been a heap of clinical studies demonstrating its effectiveness, along with very high patient satisfaction levels.

What’s more, the non-invasive, virtually painless procedure can be done over an extra-long lunch break with no downtime and – get this – the results are permanent. Sign. Me. Up.

So, what is it?

Cooltech fat freezing offers the perfect treatment for anyone frustrated with stubborn pockets of excess fat, and who want to get rid of them without surgery and all the pain and risks that go along with it.

Cooltech basically targets and cools your fat cells until they die and are naturally eliminated from the body (pretty cool, huh?). Once these fat cells are removed, they are gone permanently.

In just one treatment a crazy 20 to 30 percent of the treated fat is removed. Another bonus is that not only are you destroying the fat cells but you’re also getting some tightening of the skin.

All the Cooltech handpieces work at a temperature between 3°C and –8°C, because different temperatures are required for various thicknesses of fat folds in different areas of the body.

What’s involved?

So, you’ve decided you want to get a Cooltech treatment. The good news is that it doesn’t involve any needles, incisions or downtime. It is a fairly quick and comfortable treatment that allows you to get back into normal daily activities immediately afterwards.

During a Cooltech treatment, which is around 60 minutes, you will be lying down and able to read a book, Netflix and chill, or even have a snooze.

The practitioner will place some gel on the treatment area and the handpiece will then be placed on the area. You will feel some tightness caused by the vacuum pressure (it sucks your fat into place) and some localised coldness.

This should disappear soon after the treatment begins.

You will be able to notice fat reduction after just one treatment, but usually 1-3 sessions are recommended in the same area every 6-8 weeks. Your practitioner will be able to guide you on how many treatments you need in each area, depending on the nature of fat that your body stores.

What areas can be treated?

Pretty much any area can be treated. Cooltech has all different kinds of applicators to cater for a range of different areas, such as curved contours like the back and waist, broader areas like the flanks, love handles and calves, and for fat folds small and large, from the abdomen and back to the arms and knees and even under the chin.

The device also allows two handpieces to be applied at the same time, so you can treat two areas at once.

The results

After one treatment the results will be start to become evident 15-20 days after your treatment, as this is when the body starts to naturally eliminate those unwanted fat cells. Optimal results will be visible about three months after the treatment.

Make sure you maintain a healthy and low-fat diet and regular exercise and these results will be permanent. The best part? You’ll look trimmer and tauter, without any sweat sessions, restrictive dieting or surgery. (How good is modern technology?!)

Cooltech providers:

Fiori Institute, Qld 07 3849 2759
The Harley Clinic, NSW & Qld 1300 379 581
newU, Vic 0428 886 398
Coolangatta Cosmetic Clinic, Qld 07 5599 5001
Skin Revision, Qld 07 3350 5447
Renew Medispa by Hunter Plastic Surgery, NSW 02 4920 7700
Southern Cosmetics, Vic 03 9533 1100

Or contact Cryomed on 1300 346 448 to find a Cooltech practitioner in your area.