Rise of the ‘mummy makeover’


According to recent statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), more and more mothers are turning to surgery to improve their bodies after childbirth.

Over the last ten years, procedures relating to the ‘mummy makeover’ have risen in popularity. In 2015, the ASPS statistics revealed that breast augmentations were one of the top five procedures (305,856 procedures), followed by tummy tucks (180,717 procedures), and breast lifts (148,967 procedures).

Women’s attitudes about cosmetic surgery have changed, and mothers today are not only more open to seeking surgical assistance with their cosmetic goals, but are also seeking that assistance at a younger age.

Today, women wish their bodies looked the way they did before their first pregnancies. And they’re not afraid to acknowledge that they may need a little help beyond a healthy diet and exercise.

Whereas in the past, those seeking ‘mummy makeovers’ were typically in their 50s – this has also changed. Today mothers in their 30s are going in for procedures such as tummy tucks and breast lifts. They don’t want to wait years to re-establish how they used to look. They want their pre-baby bodies back now.

To find out the psychology behind women who choose cosmetic surgery after having a baby, US website realself.com surveyed mothers of all age ranges: 99.5% of women had work done after they had a child (or children) and 85% of them have had more than two kids. A consumer poll by the same website revealed that women who receive these treatments report a boost in their ‘self-confidence, attractiveness, and satisfaction with their sex life.’ An overwhelming 98% of ‘mummy makeover’ patients said their surgery was ‘worth it’.

About ‘mummy makeovers’

The term ‘mummy makeover’ refers to a combination of surgical procedures to address changes to the body that take place during pregnancy and childbirth and to restore or improve upon the pre-pregnancy shape.

Put simply, a ‘mummy makeover’ is an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and a breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction performed at the same time. By combining these two procedures in one surgery, mums look and feel like themselves in no time.

For many women, nothing compares to the joy motherhood brings. Changes to their body that take place throughout pregnancy and post-childbirth are therefore often willingly accepted. However, after childbirth it can be difficult for some women to regain their pre-baby body weight. Once-regular exercise patterns fall by the wayside as free time becomes consumed by childcare, and even when an optimum body weight is restored after a lot of hard work, women notice their body has been changed by pregnancy.

Every woman is affected by pregnancy and childbirth to a different degree, but the most notable changes take place in the breasts and abdomen. These changes can also be accompanied by emotional concerns regarding their self-image, which may impact on confidence in even the most intimate and secure relationships.

A ‘mummy makeover’ typically addresses the changes seen in the abdomen and breasts. Depending on their individual circumstances, women may benefit from a breast reduction, lift or augmentation in combination with a tummy tuck to improve the contour of the abdomen.

Adjunct procedures such as liposuction and body contouring, including procedures to reduce the circumference of the thigh and arm reduction may also be considered, especially if large weight loss has taken place following child birth.

Breast surgery and abdominoplasty may be performed at the same time. Recovery after a combined breast and abdominal procedure takes the same time as recovering from an abdominal procedure in isolation.