Chin, cheek and jaw implants

Available in a wide range of sizes suitable for the cheek, jaw, nose and chin, facial implants are designed to restore the contours and proportion of the face, which may be left depleted by the natural ageing process. By adding volume to these features, surgeons can create more defined and harmonious facial contours. Facial implants are used to correct sunken cheeks, a receding chin or enhance the jaw and also to create structural balance in the face.

Chin augmentation, for example, can build up a weak chin and contribute to an overall balanced profile. Facial implants are often inserted in conjunction with rhinoplasty to achieve facial proportion.

It is also possible to add balance to the face by building up and enhancing the cheekbones using implants. Placed through a small incision in the mouth, they give the ‘high cheekbone’ look. Incisions for cheek implants can also be made through the hairline or lower eyelids. Chin and jaw implant incisions are usually hidden in the mouth.

The implants themselves are specially formed from solid, biocompatible materials and are designed to augment the physical structures of the face and create more defined contours and angles. The incisions are normally closed with absorbable sutures that dissolve over the next seven to 10 days.