Creating calf definition

Body implants are used to create definition and volume to a range of areas on the body. Considered an international industry leader, Allied Biomedical, an Implantech company, has been designing and manufacturing facial and body implants for more than 20 years. Their products are distributed in Australia by Precise Medical Supplies.

Using state of the art design technology, the implants are anatomically shaped and symmetrical, with a predictable volume and tapered edges. These factors are important in achieving consistent, natural-looking results, without noticeable or palpable margins.

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Howard De Torres says Implantech implants are effective in adding volume and definition to numerous areas of the body. ‘Body implants can be used to treat a range of medical and aesthetic concerns,’ he explains. ‘For example, I use calf implants to treat muscle atrophy, withered legs, club feet or in cases where the muscle simply hasn’t developed.’

Dr De Torres also says the solid consistency of Implantech products can help protect against post-surgical complications. ‘In using calf implants, you are putting an implant into a very tight spot and it takes some time before the implant settles into the tissue,’ he explains. ‘Because the implants from Implantech are quite solid in consistency, any bulging or distortion after surgery is almost impossible.’

Body implants are commonly used in aesthetic augmentation to shape, emphasise and define musculature. Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Robert Drielsma, who has been using Implantech for around 15 years, commonly uses calf implants to reshape the lower leg.

‘In my experience, the most common patient demand for body contouring is calf augmentation – for which these implants are ideal,’ Dr Drielsma says. ‘In males, body building is a common underlying factor when general body building has achieved great results everywhere except the calves, which have remained relatively under-defined. In women, aesthetic contour of the calves is the primary goal.’

The appropriate size, shape and positioning of the implant must be expertly determined before insertion. Dr Drielsma explains the consultation process is important in establishing the right fit for each patient. ‘For calf augmentation, the sex of the patient, and their concerns and goals, are important factors, and also whether single or double calf implants are desired or needed,’ he says. ‘It is helpful to strap “tester” implants on the calves to help determine the ideal size.’

Importantly, the solid silicone consistency of Implantech products means they are ‘carvable’, or can be adjusted before surgery for an optimum fit for each individual patient.

Dr De Torres explains how Implantech products can be customised to each patient. ‘There are a range of sizes from Precise Medical. I decide on the most appropriate size of implant after measuring the calf, or any other area to be treated, during the initial consultation with my patient,’ he says.

‘Because the implants are solid, it is possible to trim the edges for a more effective fit. In these cases, I will opt for larger sized implants and trim them according to the patient’s individual needs.’

Following calf augmentation, once the implants have settled in, Dr De Torres explains the results are usually long lasting with minimal complications.

‘With body implants from Implantech, the results are usually “set and forget”,’ Dr De Torres explains. ‘In my experience, once the implants are in, patients can generally forget about them; they typically last 20 to 30 years with no complications.’

In an industry where quality, predictability and endurance is paramount, excellence in both implant design and technology is essential. Implantech implants from Precise Medical Supplies are a viable option to achieve optimum results with minimal complications in body implant surgery.

‘Implantech implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and degrees of firmness that suit a range of body augmentation applications,’ Dr Drielsma says. ‘The fact they are solid silicone and carvable means they can be easily modified at the time of surgery to conform more effectively and precisely to the patient’s body.’

You can learn more about Allied Biomedical calf implants here.