Case study: Creating cleavage

An actual patient of Dr Tavakoli

One patient recalls her experience undergoing breast augmentation with Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Kourosh Tavakoli.

Like many women, Moneisha spent a long time considering her options before making the decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery. After years of deliberation, she approached Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Kourosh Tavakoli to further explore her options.

Feeling unhappy with the shape of her breasts and the way they fit with the rest of her body, Moneisha was hoping to enhance her bust to a size slightly bigger than her figure’s natural proportions. While she was confident in her decision to go ahead with surgery, Moneisha wanted to be sure she had found the right doctor to perform the procedure.

The initial consultation

Her first consultation was an opportunity to get to know Dr Tavakoli and share her concerns and desires in seeking breast augmentation surgery. During the consultation, Dr Tavakoli showed Moneisha several before and after photographs. These helped her better understand the look of implants, of various sizes and shapes, on different body types.

Moneisha was hoping for implants that would complement her slim, athletic frame, but was not afraid to opt for a bigger size. She wanted to achieve a full D cup, but still look relatively natural. By taking a series of measurements, Dr Tavakoli established the best approach to Moneisha’s surgery. Moneisha also “tried on” a number of different cup sizes to get a better feel for the kind of result she would be happy with.

Dr Tavakoli and Moneisha decided on 425cc teardrop- shaped implants for her breast augmentation surgery. The teardrop, or anatomical shaped, implants are designed to grant natural-looking results with less conspicuous edges, particularly on slim patients with little natural breast tissue. Leading up to the procedure, after her initial consultation, Moneisha was able to call upon Dr Tavakoli and his nurses to lay any final concerns to rest.

Moneisha’s operation

On the day of the surgery, Dr Tavakoli and his staff ensured all Moneisha’s questions or concerns were addressed before going in. Everyone – from the preparation nurse to the anaesthetist – made her feel comfortable with their friendly, caring and supportive manner. During the operation, Dr Tavakoli placed the implants in a dual plane, sub-muscular pocket, which means the implant sits both above and beneath the pectoral muscle, as the implant pocket is 50 percent over and 50 percent under the muscle.

The dual-plane technique grants a smooth contour or ‘take-off’ from the chest wall (as the top of the implant is underneath the muscle) but also affords increased size projection, due to the over-the-muscle placement at the base.

The recovery process

Moneisha recovered from her operation with relative ease. She had been prescribed pain medication for the days following surgery and was able to return to work within seven days. She was advised to refrain from strenuous activity and heavy lifting for two to three weeks after surgery.

Since her breast augmentation, Moneisha’s newly defined proportions have left her feeling confident and happy with her decision to undergo breast augmentation. She no longer feels the need for push-up or padded bras and can happily fill any type of bra or clothing.

She enjoys being able to shop without worrying about how clothes will fit, and believes the choice she made to go ahead with breast surgery was the right decision for her confidence, her lifestyle and her body.

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