What’s in your makeup?

On average, an Australian woman wears makeup for ten hours per day. The latest from Synergie Skin is helping you turn these hours into a plus for skin health. Introducing pressed mineral makeup, revolutionised.

Synergie Skin has recently introduced a pressed mineral range that acts as an extension to a healthy skincare regimen. The makeup is free of any questionable ingredients, is breathable, hydrating and (most importantly in a makeup) provides effective, lasting coverage.

‘For the first time, we are introducing a pressed mineral range that combines the convenience of a pressed power with unique hydrating liposomes and brilliant natural colours to bring you a product that is, in fact, great for your skin,’ explains Synergie formulator Terri Vinson.

The collection includes eye shadows, blushers, bronzers, as well as setting and highlighting powders.

What’s not included

The Synergie brand is based on a philosophy of “clean science” – or a recognition that those ingredients not included in formulations are just as important as those that are.

All Synergie products, including the new pressed makeup range, are formulated without bismuth oxychloride, parabens, dimethicone, talc, artificial colours, artificial fragrances and other potentially harmful ingredients.

Suitable for acne-prone skin

You’ll find many pressed makeup products are formulated using dimethicone. According to Terri, this ingredient can exacerbate irritation in oily skin types and acne prone skin. It causes minerals to adhere to the skin, preventing it from absorbing moisture and oxygen, and inhibiting the release of toxins and bacteria – a recipe for white heads!

The solution? You guessed it. Dimethicone is not included in any Synergie products.

So, what is included?

A key ingredient in the line is Vegesome (Lycopodium Clavatum Extract and Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract). This is a plant-based ingredient, clinically proven to prevent moisture loss and control the release of hydrating liposomes.

Makeup tip: Signature Synergie Eyes

All over:   Eyedration in Vanilla Bean

Crease:     Eyedration in Merlot

Browbone: Eyedration in Bisque

Mascara: VitaLash

Eyeliner:  Magnifeye in Chocolate

Brows:   Eyedration in Taupe