Roadtest: ZO Skin Health

What: ZO Skin Health


What is it?

The ZO Skin Health is a range of specially formulated products to fight acne, reverse the signs of ageing, and treat inflammatory skin problems, such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation and sun-damaged skin.

The principle of American dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi’s skin health restoration process revolves around stabilising the skin, improving the skin tolerance to negative stimulation and lastly epidermal renewal and thickening.

A straightforward and effective skincare routine, ZO Skin Health has a variety of fantastic products if you are looking for some serious skincare.

The verdict

I stared using ZO Skin Health kit a few months ago. I’ve never been very consistent with a skincare routine, although I have a drawer full of expensive products that never really worked.

I decided to commit to my ZO skincare routine and use it every day as directed. My routine was cleansing am and pm, exfoliating twice a week to remove dull, dead skin and applying the serums – I am a big fan of the luxurious Ossential Growth Factor Serum Plus and Ossential Daily Power Defense – daily to help further absorption.

The ingredients contained in these products vary widely, although some of them may share a common ingredient or two. If you have never used active ingredients such as Vit A or C, AHA/BHAs in the past, start slowly and gently.

Before using ZO Skin Health I had quite dry skin that was dull, dehydrated and uneven. I was also seeing some fine lines and wrinkles appear around my eyes. Sure, my skin wasn’t terrible, but I certainly wouldn’t leave the house without makeup on.

Now? I hardly ever feel the need to wear makeup anymore. My skin feels glowing, bright and alive. It not only looks better, but it feels amazing. There is nothing more satisfying than having someone tell you that you look “refreshed”, “glowing” or that your skin simply looks good.

ZO Skin Health promised proven results and I would definitely recommend the product range to anyone looking to improve their skin texture and appearance. ZO Skin Health are not a cosmetic, they are a cosmeceutical, so they can access the skin at a cellular level to ensure the skin is actually healthy from the inside and not just covering up problems.

Where to get it

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