Roadtest: Mesoestetic treatment

What: Customised prescription skin therapy with mesoestetic treatment
Where: Douglas Pereira Clinic Skin Therapy
60 Park Street, Sydney
How much: $220
Duration 45-60 minutes

Treatment Description

The prescription skin therapy treatment uses state of the art technology, traditional manual facial methods combined with the power of medical grade active ingredients and professional products to stimulate and awaken the skin’s functions and cells.

Products used

Part 1: Cleanse – mesoestetic Hydra Milk Cleanser
Part 2: Purify & Exfoliation – Microhydrabrasion
Part 3: Nutrients & Nourish – mesoestetic Centella asiatica and mesoestetic proteoglycans
Part 4: Infuse & Plump – Oxygen and active infusion therapy
Part 5: Relax manual hands-on touch massage, combining lymphatic drainage & acupressure
Part 6: A massage infusion mask – mesoestetic Anti Stress Mask
Part 7: Finishing products – mesoestetic post-procedure fast skin repair

The Verdict

From the minute I stepped inside the Douglas Pereira Clinic I felt at ease and completely relaxed. Before my treatment started I filled out a health and skin questionnaire, so Douglaspic2 could establish what factors might be affecting the skin on my face and neck and if I was allergic to anything. I liked the fact that he took the time to understand my skin, so that the treatment could be individualised to suit my specific needs.

Douglas described each phase so I was fully aware of what was going to happen. He explained that the treatment was going to be pain free, and that I could lie back and relax.

The first phase was to cleanse and remove makeup and any impurities. It felt amazing and gave my skin intense hydration (it also smelt sensational!) Next up was the microhydrabrasion treatment, which I absolutely loved. I could feel the deep layers of my skin being cleaned and the trouble spots and blocked pores that had always bothered me finally felt clear.

pic1Now that my skin was clean, Douglas started to nourish my skin with the specialised mesoestetic products. By this stage I was close to falling asleep from his relaxing massage techniques!

Towards the end of my treatment I had a mesoestetic anti-stress mask put over my face, which was totally relaxing. Douglas paused my treatment to let me lie there and fall asleep for a few moments while the mask went to work.

At the end of the treatment I could feel and see an immediate change in the look and texture of my skin. My enlarged pores and niggling imperfections were gone, and my skin looked glowing and refreshed.

The results lasted for weeks afterwards and I received many compliments on how fresh and healthy my skin looked. I would recommend Douglas Pereira Clinic to anyone looking to improve the texture and appearance of their skin. I found the experience relaxing and enjoyable, with amazing results. I’ll definitely be going back for a re-treatment!

Interested in a treatment?

P: 0407 443 350