Roadtest: bhave smoothe treatment

My hair is frizz city – it’s thick, curly, and unruly and I straighten the hell out of it almost every day.

I’ve always dreamt of having that no-hassle, fast, ‘wash and go’ hair, but no shiny new product could wrangle my crazy mane. Then I came across bhave smoothe keratin therapy.

After reading a lot of good things about the treatment, I booked in to try it out and I was more than a little bit excited.

Bhave smoothe keratin therapy is an Aussie-made hair smoothing treatment, which is entirely free of all chemical nasties, including formaldehyde. The nourishing treatment improves the health of your hair and sorts out that frizzy, curly mop of a head for 2-4 months.

What does a smoothe treatment involve?

I went to Alan Coban Hair Salon and met the lovely Emma (bhave’s national educator and my personal hair saviour) and I immediately knew this would be the start of a long friendship.

Emma ran through the treatment process with me and explained that because this is a keratin-infused smoothing treatment (not a straightening treatment), you can request to maintain your wave if you like. I decided to go fully straight!

Keep in mind that if you colour your hair, the timing of your colour is important. Bleach will lift the keratin from your hair, so if you are an “enhanced” blonde with highlights then you would need to have your colour at least a week before a smoothe treatment. For brunettes and redheads, it’s the reverse. You should have your colour after smoothe as it can lighten dark hair a few shades.

Emma first shampooed my hair with a special bhave shampoo designed to open up the hair shaft ready for the keratin. My squeaky clean hair was then completely dried with a blow dryer before the smoothe treatment (which smells delightfully like a banana paddle pop) was applied with a brush and combed through 1cm sections of hair.

My hair was rinsed off about an hour later, before being blow-dried and straightened to set the treatment.

All up this treatment took under three hours on my shoulder-length, thick head of hair. I left the salon with a poker straight mane and a HUGE smile on my face.

After treatment

I was instructed not to wash my hair for 48 hours after the treatment and to avoid using clips or ties to stop bends in the hair from forming.

Two days later I washed my hair (using paraben-free bhave Rescue Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner) and blow-dried it (the quickest blow-dry EVER) and I was off. After showing every member of my family how frizz-free my fancy new hair was, of course.

Frizz-free hair makes everything so much easier! My hair feels soft, silky and healthy and I seriously cannot think of a time where it has ever felt like this. It is great to not have to use my straightener every single morning! And I also get to sleep in that little bit longer because my styling/frizz wrangling routine has been cut in half. WINNING.

Bhave smoothe treatment has opened up a whole new world for my once frizzy head and there’s no way I’m going back!

How much: RRP $199 upwards, depending on hair length and density
Where to go: head to to find your nearest bhave salon

       BEFORE bhave smoothe                                           AFTER bhave smoothe