Road Test: Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream

What: Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream


How much: $44.95

The promise

A night cream designed to “start a good day the night before”, the Rosapene blend is meant to work with the skin’s  natural processes for optimum regeneration and a brighter, revitalised complexion. It is described to help repair skin damage, and protect against future damage.

Products used

Rosapene is touted as “Trilogy’s Super Oil,” which holds “everything your skin needs, nothing it doesn’t”. Rosapene is 100 per cent natural and certified organic, its ingredients include:

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil: Minimum 80% essential fatty-acid content helps nourish, repair and hydrate

Acai Seed Oil: Stimulates the skin cell regeneration process, encouraging new collagen production in the dermis

Tomato Seed Oil: Powerful antioxidant to help prevent oxidative damage and premature ageing

Cranberry Seed Oil: For nourishment, hydration and fortification

Oat Extract: Softens and soothes skin

The verdict

I have been using the Rosapene night cream for the past fortnight. I had been experiencing some skin dryness due to Sydney’s winter climate, and thought the natural and organic formula might be beneficial in soothing this.

Since beginning use with the night cream, my skin been more hydrated, even in tone and (I’m not exaggerating) more luminous when I wake up in the mornings. The cream feels lovely to apply – very thick, so it feels nourishing, and perfect to combat the dryness associated with the winter winds. It has a nice fragrance and feels very soothing to tired, dry skin.

Because the ingredients are 100 per cent natural, they are great at comforting and revitalising the skin, but not necessarily effective in reversing the signs of premature ageing – such as pigmentation or fine lines. This being said, the Rosapene is certainly making a difference in my complexion – it feels healthier, more nourished and extremely hydrated, perfect for the winter months!