Review: Luxury treatment with Fyto Cosmeceuticals

A Fyto Cosmeceuticals skin treatment isn’t quite like any other facial you’ll have. This is the luxury liner of facials, the big kahuna of salon treatments.

I walked in to have my treatment with some skin redness, patches of dryness, some fine lines around my eyes and subtle signs of the dreaded nasolabial lines (the ones that run from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth).

I walked out of the treatment with an even skin tone (no skin redness, smaller pores) amazingly plumped and hydrated skin and smoothed out (read: non-existent) nasolabial lines.

To say the least, I was blown away.

But let’s backtrack.

My Fyto Cosmeceuticals treatment was held in the opulent Star Cosmetic Medicine in Glebe, Sydney, and performed by the very knowledgeable and warm Fyto Cosmeceuticals CEO and experienced skin therapist Pamela Papadopoulos.

Skin diagnosis

Pamela first assessed my skin and asked about my areas of concern. She said while I had good skin quality, there were some patches of dehydration that could do with the Fyto touch. She prescribed an “ultrasonic mesotherapy facial” for me, infused with Fyto Comeceuticals serums and creams which promised to deliver immediate skin radiance, smoothness and a healthy appearance.


Ultrasonic mesotherapy, you ask?

Also called sonophoresis, this technique uses ultrasound waves through a small hand piece to increase micro-vibrations in the structure of the skin and to increase the efficacy of cosmeceuticals placed on top of the skin.

Ultrasound facials utilise similar technology to the ultrasounds that doctors use to view babies in the womb. Physical therapists help patients heal injuries with these devices, and now aestheticians are the latest professionals to adopt these devices for skincare.

The action stimulates facial muscles to promote firmness, lymphatic drainage and the optimum function of the skin. It gently heats deep tissue in the skin, causing the collagen fibres to contract and improving firmness and tone.

What’s really special about ultrasonic skin therapy is that it allows the delivery of topical serums into the deeper layers, rather than just treating the surface. This accelerated delivery is intended to be more effective and allow active ingredients in the formulations to reach the deeper levels where they can interact with the cells that create the outer layers visible to the eye.

Obviously, in skincare applications, the carrier is the product itself, formulated to work with the action of the delivery mechanism and to be compatible with the skin.

Fyto Cosmeceuticals imports, develops and distributes pharmaceutical-quality skincare based on peptide technology out of Switzerland and the US. It is available in select cosmetic clinics and salons. The products and treatments are designed to work with ultrasonic skin therapy, including anti-ageing, pigmentation, rosacea, wrinkle and sun damage reduction, firming and lightening formulations with transdermal properties.

Pureceutical Gel

My treatment

Pamela, acting as my personal apothecary, used a combination of Fyto products to tailor a facial treatment to my unique skin needs. These cosmeceutical products contain ingredients that induce healing and other changes in skin cells. A concoction of alpha and beta-hydroxy acids and hyaluronic acids, enzymes, peptides, stem cells, collagen, liposomes, as well as vitamins and other antioxidants was all liberally massaged on my skin.

The ultrasound machine then delivered these magical ingredients deep into my skin, affording an immediate plumping effect. My skin was also more even in colour and tone, with no patches of dryness, and so smooth and hydrated to touch!

The entire experience took about 1.5 hours and the sensation from the ultrasonic handpiece passing over my skin was very relaxing, although Pamela told me some people may experience slight tingling.

I was given a set of home-care products to maintain my results and enhance the effects – Pureceutical cleanser, Collagenceutical for wrinkle reduction and stimulation of collagen production, and Hydroceutical for deep hydration from the Fytofontana (Switzerland) and Fyto Cosmedical (US) ranges.


Fyto Cosmeceuticals products and treatments work in synergy with cosmetic procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and laser treatments, helping to maintain and maximize results.

For those looking for the next level up in their beauty regime, I would highly recommend a treatment with Pamela. Weeks later, my skin has a healthy glow and looks more supple and smooth, thanks to the Fyto Cosmeceuticals ultrasonic mesotherapy facial.

What: Fyto Cosmeceuticals

Who: Pamela Papadopoulos, (ph) 1300 838 638 (m) 0433 702 530

Where: Star Cosmetic Medicine, Glebe, Sydney, (ph) 9518 4984. Pamela conducts ultrasonic mesotherapy treatments twice a month at Star Cosmetic Medicine.