Elegant Lashes – Roadtest

Elegant Lashes

What: Elegant Lashes
Where: I had my treatment at the Bondi Junction salon with the lovely Deborah. You can make an appointment online at http://elegantlashes.com.au, or call 1300 002 215.
How much: $129.00

The promise

A 60-minute eyelash extension treatment to create fuller and thicker looking lashes. The extensions last for up to 3-4 weeks depending on the growth cycle of your natural lashes, the lash extensions you get and the aftercare.

Products used

My wonderful lashes were a set of Luxe Lash Extensions, which delivered a classical, full, natural look. The infills for this type of lashes are usually required every 3 weeks.

There is a range of lash extensions to choose from – different sizes, styles and volume to suit your individual preference. I opted for longer lashes toward the outer half of the lash line for a winged effect, however you can specify if you would like the longer lashes in the middle.

The eyelash extension technicians are very helpful and will happily assist you in customising a particular look, whether you have a special occasion coming up or are just after a hint of everyday glam!

The verdict

The treatment was so relaxing that I have to admit I fell asleep halfway through! Deborah started by cleaning around the eye area to remove any makeup, before drying them with a small pump. My bottom lashes were then covered with a white adhesive pad and the top lashes combed in order to more easily work on the individual lashes. She then carefully applied individual lashes with tweezers and a special bonding agent to my natural eyelashes. The procedure was completely pain free.

After the treatment I had a wonderful set of full, thicker lashes. I love the look, my lashes are longer, my eyes pop and there’s now a whole lot of eyelash batting going on! The difference is amazing!

To ensure my new lashes last as long as possible, I was advised not to wet them for 24 hours, to try to avoid rubbing my eyes and to be extra gentle with them if applying mascara. But trust me I don’t need mascara! Extensions solve the problem mascara tries to fix. Oil based mascara can shorten the life of extensions, so if you are insistent on doubling up it’s best to go with a water-based mascara. But, as I was told, the less you touch your extensions the longer they will last. This is a look I would like to keep for as long as possible, so it’s hands off for me!

I walked out of Elegant Lashes with fuller, more luscious looking peepers, feeling glamorous, stylish and above all, trending #eyelashesonfleek.