Road test: Brow Sculpting & Lash Lift 

Well-shaped, full brows can make you look younger, sexier and more sophisticated. And there’s no better brow guru to turn to than Amy Jean Linnehan, aka The Arch Angel. With a long list of celebrity clients on the books, including Naomi Campbell and Dannii Minogue, Amy Jean takes eyebrow sculpting to new heights (see what I did there?). Recently I was lucky enough to experience the Amy Jean Eye Couture brow and lash techniques firsthand.

Enter the brow den

I arrived at Amy Jean’s Eye Couture brow boutique on Elizabeth Street in Sydney and felt like I had entered a grown-up doll’s house – it’s feminine and ornamental with an art deco twist, resplendent in coquettish little bows and vintage furniture. Needless to say, I felt like I’d entered girly heaven!

Ahem. Back to the brows. My eyebrows are naturally on the thinnish side. I always thought they looked okay, not up there with Cara Delevingne’s sluggers but definitely respectable, and they have a nice shape to them. But I had no idea how amazing my eyebrows could look (and how shabby they had been looking in comparison) until I was in the experienced hands of Amy Jean. After measuring certain angles and lines of my face, Amy Jean went to work – expertly tweezing, trimming, waxing and tinting my brows into their ideal shape and shade for my face and colouring.

When she’d finished one last meticulous pluck, I was ready to look in the mirror. I was absolutely in awe of what she had achieved with my little blonde brows. She had shaped them to perfection and made them much more symmetrical and, because the tint had picked up the extra light, ‘fluffy’ hairs, my brows were much thicker and extended further outwards.

#trending: the Lash Lift

Oh, but the pamper session didn’t end there. To complete my eye makeover I enthusiastically put up my hand for a Lash Lift. It’s basically a “root lift” for your lashes. As they’re standing straight up, they look much longer and of course much more dramatic. It defines and curls eyelashes using silicone moulds at the base of the lashes only – and there’s no messy perming rods or clunky eyelash curlers circa 1980 either. I love the look – my lashes look longer, thicker and I can’t stop batting them!! What’s more is that they are all natural and there’s no maintenance required (I’ve been reluctant to try eyelash extensions for these very reasons.) I’m told results should last about six to eight weeks.

I walked out of Amy Jean Eye Couture feeling much more glamorous, ready to take on the city with my fierce eyebrows and my come-hither lashes.

The details

There are Eye Couture salons in Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Check out the website for full details, as well as other services they offer (including Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattooing, to camouflage sparse, thin brows). It’s amazing what a good set of brows can do for your appearance and confidence. It’s like a designer dress for your face!