Spray tan gone wrong? Here’s what to do

For most people, the term ‘spray tan’ is synonymous with the golden goddess image we so often see draped across our magazines and Instagram feeds.

But every now and then, our bronzed beauty expectations don’t quite translate into reality.

If recent sunburn, dry skin, bad products or a mismatched pH balance have left you looking a bit more tangerine than beauty queen, our foolproof guide to removing fake tan is just for you.

The three step plan to removing dodgy fake tan:

  1. While there are many products on the market aimed specifically at removing unwanted tan, baby oil offers a convenient and affordable solution to all kinds of tanning disasters because it softens the dry skin that encourages bad application in the first place. Generously apply the oil over the tan you wish to remove. Then sit tight for 30 minutes.
  2. Hop into a warm bath and soak for as long as possible before taking exfoliating gloves to the tan. Because the baby oil will have softened the skin, the tan should be easy to remove with the gloves.
  3. For particularly stubborn patches, try the Tan Remover Exfoliating Soap from ModelCo. Gently work the pink soap into a lather and rinse thoroughly. This $10 tan scrubbing saviour can also be used to lighten fake tan that is too dark, which, as anyone who has accidentally turned mahogany will know, is no easy feat.