Reduce downtime in next to no time

Downtime. It’s one of the major considerations when deciding to undergo a cosmetic procedure. It can be a pivotal factor in undergoing treatment with lasers or peels, and will definitely arise in deciding whether or not to undergo cosmetic surgery.

With Oxygenetix, the question of downtime can be somewhat eliminated.

Oxygenetix signifies the first truly breathable foundation. It helps enhance skin health and speed up the healing process. In short, the Oxygenetix moisturiser and makeup are both “must-haves” in any post-procedure plan.

Oxygenetix for skin recovery

Oxygenetix is a cosmeceutical and makeup solution designed for one reason – to make downtime following surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments more functional.

The moisturiser and makeup can be applied directly post-procedure, to disrupted, ultra-sensitive skin. It’s designed to optimise treatment recovery, not just conceal it.

It’s hero ingredient, called Ceravitae, delivers high amounts of oxygen to the skin and incurs an aerobic effect to optimise cellular activity and accelerate skin cell renewal. This helps speed up skin reconstruction and support the process of natural skin healing.

Oxygenetix for skin beautification

However, Oxygenetix is not your typical clinical line. It’s also, quite simply, an excellent foundation. It affords complete and natural coverall to even skin tone and conceal blemishes. A range of 10 skin tone shades caters to every skin type, and the foundation can be applied independently or over Oxygenetix moisturisers.

Most importantly, for both recovering cosmetic patients and the everyday makeup wearer – Oxygenetix allows the skin to breath with no occlusive oils or irritants. It includes in-built sun protection and is suitable for use on acne prone skin.

“The Oxygenetix range includes a wide range of colours to match all skin types, patients are often so happy with the product they’ll continue to use it as their daily foundation after recovery because it feels right on the skin,” explains cosmetic dermatologist and phlebologist Dr Adrian Lim. “Oxygenetix is a soothing, breathable foundation, which promotes skin repair.”