Five foolproof tips for flawless tanning

A little on the milky side? More than 57 per cent of women say a tan makes them feel more attractive, confident and slimmer.

Put simply, a tan makes everything look better and can make your skin look flawless and more toned. Get a gorgeous glow the right way – that is, with a spray tan or self-tanning product.

Since a perfect self-tanning outcome isn’t always guaranteed, here are our tips for making your faux glow look authentically sun-kissed.


Use an exfoliating mitt and product to slough off the dead skin prior to using self-tanner. Concentrate on the thicker areas such as the heels, elbows and knees to avoid product build up. TIP: If you have sensitive skin, shave the night before you apply, as even the most sensitive self-tanners could possibly irritate your skin.

Dry your skin

Before you do anything, make sure your skin is dry and avoid applying moisturisers to anywhere apart from the backs of your heels, elbows and knees. And remember, no deodorant!

Don’t miss a spot

The best way to apply fake tan is in sections, massaging skin in a circular motion to achieve a natural, even look.

Wear gloves or use a mitt

To avoid orange palms or having to wash your hands after applying each section, a tanning mitt is your best bet!

Dry it out

Wait at least 10 minutes before getting dressed. For the next few hours wear loose, dark clothing and try to avoid sweating.

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