10 questions to ask before getting eyelash extensions

No makeup, no problem! Eyelash extensions are all the rage and can make you look ultra-glamorous, even on your laziest makeup days. But, as with all the best things in life, quality counts.

Here’s what you need to ask a lash technician before putting your lashes in their hands.

1. Are you certified, trained and licensed?

One of the most important things you need to look at is finding the right person to do your lash extensions. There are a lot of eyelash extension horror stories, so don’t book an appointment without doing your research! If someone is going to poke around your eyeballs, you’re going to want to make sure they’re legit. Take a look at reviews and visit the salon directly to get a feel for the technicians and ask questions about their experience and expertise.

2. What adhesive do you use?

The adhesive is one of the most important factors in your application. If your lash artist can’t understand or doesn’t know the ingredients in the adhesive, this is not a good sign. Every educated lash artist should know what ingredients are in the adhesive they are using, and what they are used for. Glue should be formaldehyde-free and medical grade.

3. Where do you buy your products?

There are a lot of factors that determine if products are good quality or not. Ask to touch the lashes – they should feel soft, flexible and not stiff.

4. What look will suit me?

Every individual is different and a good lash professional should evaluate the best look for you personally before applying the lashes. They should discuss length, thickness, number of lashes and the overall look with you.

5. Can I see photos of your work?

Don’t be afraid to ask to see photos of your professional’s work! It’ll give you an idea of what to expect with this artist. What should you look for? Well, lashes in the pictures should appear clean and neat. If you can see the glue in the pictures, this isn’t a good sign. Likewise, if the lashes are twisted and going in different directions, or if they are clumpy and stuck together, they aren’t placed properly.

6. What is the proper aftercare?

Your lash artist should be telling you to wash and brush the lashes daily, sleep on your back and avoid oil-based products. This will ensure lashes stay clean and fresh to avoid bacteria and residues. A lot of lash artists will tell clients not to wet or cleanse their lashes and this is false!

7. Will my natural lashes fall out?

Not if the lash extensions are applied properly. Inexperienced technicians (beware of beauty salons who do not specialise in lashes!) are often apt to apply lashes that are too heavy/clumped together, which can result in damage to your natural lashes.

8. Can I wear mascara if I have lash extensions?

Yes, but steer clear of waterproof mascara because it’s harder to remove and can easily pull the extensions off. If you do use mascara, go lightly and just focus on the tips of the lashes. Using mascara at the base of the extensions will get very clumpy.

9. How often do I need to get infills?

Eyelash extensions can last as long as six weeks, as the eyelash extension generally lasts until the natural lash falls out in its natural cycle. However, all of your lashes are on a different growth cycle, and everyone sheds differently depending on their lifestyle. It’s usually recommended to get your lashes filled every two to four weeks. How long your eyelash extensions last for depends, to some degree, on how well you take care of them!

10. How do I remove my eyelash extensions without losing my natural lashes?

Absolutely never attempt to remove the lashes by yourself! This can go horribly wrong and will often result in you pulling out some of your natural lashes along with the extensions. If you would like to get the extensions removed, make an appointment with a professional as they have the right tools to remove them safely.