Make good hair day everyday

Hair weighing you down? It’s time to lather up for some serious hair pampering to get your mane back on track.

From salon-only brands to organic, sulphate-free, silicone-free, oil-free, there are a tonne of haircare products out there. Everyone’s hair is different, whether its frizz city or thin lizzy – we’re all just trying to snaffle a good hair day!

Rest assured, the Bellas have done all the hard work (*puffs*) to bring you the best options to suit your hair type, so you can get your mane looking and smelling ah-mazing. Thankfully, hair responds well to a little TLC and it’s not too late to restore your crowning glory to its best condition. So, let’s begin!


Often some shampoos can be too heavy for certain types of hair, and contain ingredients designed to nourish dry hair, tame curls or get rid of frizz. Oils are often to blame, but silicones can sometimes also be a culprit in weighing your hair down.

It’s good to switch up your hair routine every once in a while – don’t be afraid to do a little cross training for hair (even if you revert back to your old favourite). There are some hot shampoos getting around town *wolf whistles*, so sud up and reap the benefits of more volume, hydration and strength.


The other half of the dynamic duo is here to ensure you get soft, shiny, manageable hair. Whether your hair is dry, frizzy or curly, the top conditioners are guaranteed to nourish, repair and volumise even the neediest hair.

Keep in mind that the same conditioner won’t work for everyone – choosing the right one can be difficult, but the best way to decide is to consider the texture of your hair. If you have thin hair, try a volumising conditioner and if you have thick, greasy hair, choose a conditioner formulated with less oil. Picking the perfect formula can drastically change your hair.


Leave-in conditioners and masks can sometimes be like those second cousins you don’t know very well. But trust me, you all can be such good friends! So, damaged hair, meet leave-in conditioner.

Supplementing your hair care regime with regular intensive treatments will help to keep hair in good shape. Leave-in conditioner locks in moisture and as a result, your hair not only becomes stronger, but more flexible. Investing in a weekly hair repair treatment leads to less breakage and more shine, helping to keep those nasty split ends in tow. Hurrah!

Stay fresh

We’re all about creating a style that needs to last for as long as possible and Dry Shampoo does an awesome job of making dirty hair look clean! Great for in-between washes, especially if you have a fringe, these beauties remove excess oil and can be a reassuring option if you’re anxious about breaking the once-a-day washing habit. It’s also a fave styling product for adding a surefire volume boost!