Cheat’s guide to a professional blow dry

For some reason a blow dry never looks as good as when your hairdresser does it. But with our easy, step-by-step guide to the home blow dry, we’ll have your mane looking magnificent in a fraction of the time (and price) of a salon visit.

Step 1

Wash and lightly towel dry your hair. Apply a volumiser or mousse at the roots and a protectant along the hair shaft to guard against heat and damage. If your hair is fine and inclined to be limp, be sure you go easy with the product and that you get professional advice first about those which will best suit your temperamental tresses.

Step 2

Prep your hair dryer, placing the nozzle on your hairdryer to give the air more direction. Switch to a warm setting, not the maximum – slow and steady is better than hot and heavy when it comes to a blow dry.

Step 3

Use a clip to section off and pin the damp hair, leaving a row to begin with at the base of your hairline at the back of your head. Take a 4cm wide section at the nape of your neck and wrap your hair around the barrel of the hairbrush. Face the dryer downwards so the air is shooting down the hair shaft. Pull the brush away from root to end, following this with the dryer. Switch the dryer to a cold setting and repeat to set the hair. Facing the air down smoothes the cuticle, while cold air closes it, meaning smoother and glossier hair for you.

Step 4

Work up and around your head, repeating this process. When you get to the crown of your hair, lift it up vertically. Spend a minute with the nozzle aimed upwards under the brush to dry the roots. Then aim the nozzle down and give it a shot of cold air. After this, keep the brush in for 30 seconds to maintain volume and body.

Step 5

To finish, shake your head upside down for body and apply styling products appropriate to you hair type and the effect you want – whether this be hairspray for hold and volume or smoothing serum for dead straight, shiny locks. Finishing cream or serum can complete the look, rub it between your palms, hang your head upside down and glide your hands through the last two inches of your hair. For curly hair, use a dedicated product for sleeking and straightening.

Step 6

Voila! Leave the house with salon-perfect hair!