10 quick fixes for unruly hair

Bad hair days. We all dread them, but do not fear! Here are our 10 surefire tips to banish unruly hair for good.

1. Sea salt spray

Sea salt spray is not just for the summer months. Whip it out in winter to get that effortlessly natural, boho look. Adding a simple wavy texture to strands rids hair of any dullness.

2. Dry Shampoo

Oily hair is a common problem but what you may not know is that daily washing can produce more oil at the roots of the hair. The sebaceous glands get hyped up and produce more oil – so the more you shampoo, the more greasy your hair. The flipside is that the rest of your hair gets stripped of oils, so greasy roots and dry ends are evermore apparent. Dry shampoo comes to the rescue to transform greasy hair into manageable, fresh tresses. Simply spray on the roots of the hair, brush through and style!

3. Ponytail

A ponytail is the perfect option for days when your hair is being stubborn and simply won’t do what you want it to. Brush hair into a ponytail, tie to secure and wrap a strand of the hair around the elastic and pin for a polished look.

4. Top knot

A top knot is a great ‘do to tame unruly hair. In four easy steps, you can achieve a top-notch knot. Tie hair into a high ponytail, twist hair around your fingers and then wrap the elastic around to achieve a cocoon like shape, secure with bobby pins and then set with a touch of hair spray.

5. Anti-frizz serum

Frizzy hair can be hard to control, which is why it needs to be conditioned regularly and looked after. The solution is to try an anti-frizz serum or anti-humidity spray to help combat your frizz dilemma.

6. Conditioning oil

If dry hair is the culprit, it’s probably thanks to your overuse of heated styling tools. Loved by the masses yet hated by hair, you need to take a break on blowdryers, straighteners and curling irons. If you can’t bare to go without your beloved heated styling tools, remember to run a heat-resistant hair product or conditioning oil or cream through your hair first.

7. Hair spray

Having a flat day? Part your hair to the side that you don’t usually wear it, or if you usually wear it down the middle, opt for a side part. A spritz of hair spray will revolumise and set your style. Alternatively, flip tresses upside down, spray with hair spray and leave for a few seconds to allow the lacquer to dry. Flip hair back over and be out the door in under a minute with more air in your hair.

8. Bobby pins

Bangs can make or break any hair day. If bangs are acting unreasonable, simply wet them and blowdry with a brush, then use fingers to flatten the fringe out. Another solution for unruly bangs would be to add a twist. Twirl bangs off to the side or part in the middle and wind one to each side of the head and pin.

9. Mousse

When dirty and disobedient hair is almost past the point of no return and you’ve come to your wit’s end, opt for a semi-wash and style. Wet with warm water to rid of any unwanted kinks or product, add a mousse (being generous at the roots) and restyle hair.

10. Hide it!

When all else fails, cover hair with a trendy headband or cute winter hat!