Brush up on your hair tools

A brush is more than just a brush! It can achieve hairstyles, curls and evenly distributes your hair’s natural oils. They’re a necessity, just like shampoo and conditioner. Every brush is unique and creates its own individual style, so get choosey!

The Paddle Brush

If you’re after sleek and smooth locks with a boost of shine, then opt for a paddle brush. This style of brush includes ion bristles to reduce static, so the cuticles of the hair lie flat, making it the perfect choice for that at-home salon look!

A paddle brush is quite large, with a flat, wide head, usually crafted out of timber or plastic. The bristles tend to be nylon, ball-tipped nylon, pure boar, or a mix of the two. The bristles are woven into an air cushion, providing a stimulating scalp massage. This allows the oils on your roots to be taken all the way down to your ends.

The Military Brush

Held in the palm of your hand, the military brush is more suited to the male side of the bathroom. Like the paddle brush, the military one also consists of bristles sitting on an air cushion to stimulate hair growth.

With a selection of styles to choose from, the military brush is ideal for your man.

The Radial Brush

To add body to hair use a radial brush to give hair volume. The radial style is a great tool for creating bouncy curls. With its roller style appeal simply wrap damp hair around the brush, roll outwards and blow-dry downwards.

The type of radial brush to purchase will depend on the desired ‘look’ you’re after because the larger the size, the bigger the curl that can be worked during blow-drying.

Vent holes in the centre of the brush allow the heat from the hair dryer to circulate at the roots to add more volume. It’s probably best to seek a ceramic radial brush as they’re said to hold the heat from the blow dryer, helping the hair to mold as well as protect it from any damage cause by heat.

The Half Radial Brush

A fan of the bob? Then, invest in this hair tool. The half radial brush design is curved on one side to flick the ends and create a subtle wave. This one is perfect for those with thick hair, as it doesn’t add too much volume, leaving hair with a more natural look.

Plastic and timber varieties are available, with both natural or nylon bristles.

Brushing Tips:

Tip 1: Make sure to choose the right brush for your hair and the style your opting to achieve.

Tip 2: Always use heat protection products before blow-drying hair with a hairbrush.

Tip 3: Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s better. Just make sure the bristles on the brush are soft.

Tip 4: Use a brush to detangle hair when wet, instead of a comb. As hair is said to be three times weaker when wet.

Tip 5: Remove build up. It’s important to use a comb or another brush to remove the build up on the brush. If you’re extra keen to take care of your brushes, wash their bristles once a week with shampoo or soap.